The concept of Partnership in International Relations was not an old concept, it is a modern concept, which appeared in the seventies of the last century, and had a relationship with the concept of mutual dependence, and the concept became more widely traded after the end of the Cold War and the birth of a new international situation, represented by the call for unipolar, which resulted in challenges Great in front of many countries, especially developing ones, which have been searching for a place for them in international economic polarizations, in light of an international system that tends to international blocs and a globalized global policy characterized by economic openness between countries, whether rich ones that aim to expand their markets in the world Of, or poor eagerly wishing to take advantage of this historic moment to achieve sustainable development. The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, the foundations of which established the Barcelona Declaration 1995, highlights an example of this partnership, which established international relations between the two shores of the Mediterranean, despite the imbalance in these relations, including the Euro-Algerian relationship

Key words: relations, Europe, Algeria, partnership, foundations