Since the occupation of the Maghreb, the colonial states have created border problems between these countries, and Morocco and Algeria were not spared from these problems, so that after France entered Morocco and Algeria, it divided the territory of Moroccan soil and annexed it to Algeria. In this context, the Moroccan government (Hassan II) and the interim Algerian government (Farhat Abbas) signed an agreement to settle the Moroccan-Algerian borders (9 September 1961). This agreement stipulated that Morocco will support the Algerian people in their battle against colonialism, defending their national unity, and will oppose any division of Algerian soil. In return, the Algerian government recognizes that the problem of lands that France has unjustly imposed its borders will have a solution through negotiations between the two parties, but after Algeria's independence A set of developments arose on the ground, with the Moroccan government demanding it to implement the agreement concluded between the two sides, but it was not able to do so, due to the change in the Algerian positions that have come to see that the agreement concluded is no longer valid, and therefore Algeria recognized that Morocco Ignore a set of facts, given that the historical rights of the Moroccan lands were outdated, in addition to that the Organization of African Unity adopted the principle of respecting the borders inherited from colonialism.

Key words: Morocco, borders, Algeria, convention, historical rights.