Interested in submitting to this journal? We recommend that you review the About the Journal page for the journal's section policies, as well as the Author Guidelines. Authors need to register with the journal prior to submitting or, if already registered, can simply log in and begin the five-step process.

Posting Rules Articles:
Articles submitted for publication in the Journal should not be submitted for publication in any journals or journals or submitted at any conferences or seminars
The full responsibility of the opinions expressed in the articles published in the Journal is the responsibility of the author and not of the Editorial Board
Articles must be free from stylistic, typographical, linguistic, grammatical, and spelling errors
You must write articles in Microsoft Word only
Sources and references must be stated in accordance with the methodology of the research methodology
Articles should not be part of a research thesis or thesis
The researcher must follow search rules in the order of sources and references
The editorial board has the right to view / reject articles.
The subject matter of the article must be relevant and relevant
The researcher is committed to completing the amendments recommended by the experts
The researcher must be provided with a copy of the magazine in which his article is published free of charge
The article should not exceed ten (25) pages, including annexes and references
The researcher must send an electronic copy of the article to the email address of the journal
Important Note: Important Note: Please do not place any shape (symbol, mark or decoration) on any of the pages.
Procedures for selecting articles:
The researcher will receive the receipt notice within two weeks from the date of receipt.
The editorial board may select two experts from the selection committee to verify the article. After a confidential verification of the article to verify its suitability for publication, it will be sent to the researcher who is obliged to accept the observations of the members of the selection committee.
After accepting the publication in the journal, the researcher may obtain a copy of the article in its final form, together with a letter of acceptance for publication in the journal.
After the article is accepted, it can not be reconsidered.
After the article is accepted, the researcher can not submit the article for publication elsewhere.
The published article will once be the property of the magazine and may not be republished elsewhere.