The philosophers who established the social contract as an entry point to the modern state realized that the pass ticket is nothing but the awareness of a modern citizen who elevates in his relations that any narrow bond, especially after the traditional tools "custom, creed, kinship, honor, wealth ... failed to preserve the stability of the old states and empires ... In the era of postmodernism, talk about a human being, whatever its form, location and belief, has become. In a global society open to the opinion of Karl Popper, it cannot be closed to the self a world in which the values ​​of traditional national sovereignty have vanished to be replaced by the values ​​of citizenship that go beyond the geography of the birth to the sense of the human being Wherever it is, the conversation has become clear about the global citizen, Universel Citizen, who is gradually taking shape.

Key words: philosophers, citizenship, state, sovereignty, society.