Media and communication sciences are a link to the term (science) with the cognitive field associated with media and communication, and it has not been called the term (science) because it was from the beginning of its appearance through the first studies that were conducted in the field of media, as well as communication was using several other branches of science With its theories and approaches, such as psychology, sociology, anthropology, economics, etc., so that the media phenomenon and the communication phenomenon can be understood in their context because they are not isolated, but rather overlap and interact with everything that surrounds the environment in which they occur.

 Then, after conducting more research and communication studies, some researchers were able to establish theories of communication, and the media and communication sciences were able to become relatively independent from the rest of the other sciences, and that the contemplator in the field of scientific knowledge can come to one of the established facts that knowledge is Others in other sciences may be absent without contact.

Key words: technology, media, communication, networks, internet.