Tourism has become one of the most important and dynamic sectors across the world, due to its benefit from modern scientific and technical development, which touched on many aspects, especially services, which made it stand out as an integrated industry, and is even one of the largest industries in the world and one of the fastest growing economic sectors, due to the significant results achieved from In terms of flows and revenues and in terms of jobs that they create directly and indirectly because they are related and intertwined with many economic, social and cultural sectors, which prompted many countries to pay attention to this sector.

Resources from tourism have become more than 6% of global output, as they play an important role in the economies of some countries as an important source of national income, and tourism activities contribute about 10% of global output, which made the tourism sector ranks fourth in the world as a sector Export, after petroleum, chemicals and food, has the lead in the use and operation of air, sea and land transportation, and contributes about $ 5 trillion annually to global exports. In the year 2014, the global tourism movement reached about 1100 million tourists, and the number is expected to increase in the year 2030 to 1800 One million tourists.

Key words: oil, tourism, economy, national income, exports.