The study revolves around diagnosing the internal causes of the crisis in Syria and the nature of its interactions and analyzes the causes of the overlapping of its factors and the intertwining of its causes. And the impact of this on the dynamics of the crisis and its path from the variables that control the issue. The importance of the study lies in the fact that it deals with the issue from a theoretical standpoint that explains the events and causes of the crisis away from absolute judgments, and as a study based on theoretical reference in interpretation and analysis. The study concludes that the crisis in Syria is a security, political and social stalemate, the reasons for which are political, social and economic congestion reflected on the various fields of life for the Syrian citizen. The regional factor contributed to fueling its movement, and the interests of the major powers stood in front of its breakthrough, so the solution to the crisis is based on an internal consensus not It comes only through the decomposition of the three dimensions of the crisis.

Key words: crisis, geopolitics, major powers, the Arab Spring.