The issue of ethnic conflicts known great importance at the global level to become one of the most important global policy issues because of the growing effects of the intervention of governmental and non-governmental organizations, in this case through the deployment of military forces in cases of long-term violence between ethnic groups and the establishment of a special war crimes court to investigate violations of its laws.
        In the same context and because Africa belong to the global system and because it is the most affected by this phenomenon continent, which strengthened on the basis of historical factors Kalastammar, and factors pots centered in its entirety on the nature of the African political systems and methods of passive dealing with the ethnic issue, thereby contributing in a mainstream phenomenon and spread at the continental level and given because the continent is trying to access the ranks of democratic nations adopting the manifestations indicate that, Kaltaddah politics and elections as a means for the peaceful transfer of power as a result of local pressure and other international, but the continuity of ethnic tensions had a negative impact on the status of security and stability in African countries.

Key words: ethnic conflicts, democracy,factor,politics