This study discusses Israeli infiltration in Africa and its foreign policy towards this continent and the roots of the afro-Zionism relation ,in addition to when the interests of Zionism has started by focusing on its aims in the dark continent. It is also discussing how did the diplomacy ,economic and military relations grow in all phases which were very unconstant most of time ,here are its main phases ,phase one attempt to penetrate and searching for legality(1948_1956)this period witnessed the declaration of the Israel as a state, and  second event Bandung Conference, phase two relation establishment and admission Recognition period(1957-1973). It is considered as the starting point with Israel .phase three retreating period (1973-1979) where the ministerial council of African countries organization decided to break off with Israel in November 1973.phase four ,restoration period in camp David in 1979.phase five it is normalization period(1991_2001) .where the study discusses Israeli threat on Africa and Arab world.
Keywords: Israeli- infiltration- Africa- foreign policy- Zionism