The Arab countries have taken a big step in the achievement of an Arab system for the protection of human rights by creating an Arab court for this purpose. Although the establishment of such a course came too late compared to their counterparts in other regional systems, human rights documents and instruments in the Arab countries appeared very early and repeatedly but led to failure and could not be released until the start of the millennium successfully approving the Arab Charter on Human Rights and the establishment of the Arab Commission on Human Rights and the creation of the Arab Court of Human Rights in 2014. Nevertheless, there are many criticisms of this system compared to the European system of human rights, which is a reverential model for the protection of human rights. man by allowing individuals them to face legal proceedings before the court, and allowing specialized bodies to exercise their functions widely.
Therefore, this article examines the Arab human rights system by presenting these documents and instruments first, and balancing on its mechanisms ensuring compliance with these conventions and instruments, all in the context of examining both sides of the European human rights system in terms of instruments and mechanisms, in the form of a simple comparison to know where we are the Arab system compared to the European system.

Key words:humain,rights,arab system, protection