The concept of minorities and their origins

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Bachir Chaib


The concept of the minority is linked to the number of individuals belonging to it and who have common ties and distinguish them from others within the society forming the one state on its region, and they see that the minority is the least numbered ethnic group in a society, and supporters of this trend are engaged in social sciences and legal studies, but this trend It clashes with the fact that there are different groups within a country, with none of them enjoying the majority status, as these groups are forced to form the desired majority in the face of another minority or minority group, and this is the case in Lebanon. This numerical standard loses some degree of its credibility, in addition to that. As it is difficult to verify the statistics announced, as it must be present on the same geography in which these minorities are present, and if the matter of verifying the number of a minority is in a unified central state, it is difficult if not impossible in the decentralized or federal countries, and this is because of the emergence of minorities within the minorities ( les sous-minorités) as is the case in Iraq, where the Kurds are a minority for Arabs, while Arabs are a minority in the Kurdistan region.
Key words: minority, majority, country, Arabs, religion.


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