After the adoption of the Statute of the International Criminal Court and its entry into force in 2002, the crime was included in the jurisdiction of the permanent International Criminal Court, to apply to it the rules of international criminal justice as other international crimes such as genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, and this is what Article 05 of the same system indicated, However, the court’s practice of its jurisdiction remains dependent on the report of the convening of the state of aggression by the Security Council. In this case, we find that jurisdiction has conflicted between the jurisdiction of the criminal court and the role of the Security Council in determining the state of aggression as the international body charged with preserving Z international peace and security, and this is what we want to clarify in this article. So can the courts exercise their jurisdiction with regard to the crime of aggression without the intervention of the Security Council to determine the state of aggression. In other words, does the Security Council's unilateral reporting of the state of aggression restricts the jurisdiction of the court with regard to this crime?

Key words: court, criminal, crime, war, security