Due to the accelerated geopolitical and technological developments to which the international system has been exposed during the past stages, and the increasing complexity and intertwining of conflicts, some types of unconventional wars, foremost (proxy war), have gained increasing exceptional importance, in order for many countries to focus on them in order to achieve their goals and arrange their interests In conflict areas in the countries of the world in general or in the Arab region in particular, or in support or achievement of national security goals for them.

These wars provide, at the present time, the effective means for many countries to interfere in the affairs of other countries, and their types and tools have witnessed several developments, the features of which are spread in more than one place in the world.

And the importance of the subject of the study, and the lack of studies that shed light on it, especially those that dealt with its applications and models in the Arab region, which have witnessed a remarkable escalation in recent times, which requires standing before it and analyzing it, and then setting up scenarios of what it might lead to in the future, in light of The rapid developments taking place.