In this study initially touched on the historical roots of term the Greater Middle East and talk about the Sais-Picot Agreement, and Balfour's promise of the British-led, the San Remo Treaty and the distribution of mandates and oil among the Allies.

       The study sheds light on the conventions to the Integration of Arab countries in a regional context, Among most notably The Tripartite Declaration of 1950, also called the Tripartite Agreement of 1950, was a joint statement by the United States, United Kingdom, and France to guarantee the territorial status quo that had been determined by the 1949 Arab–Israeli Armistice Agreements.

     After the United States inherited Britain and France in the Middle East and the failure of the tripartite aggression against Egypt in 1956, and in1957 appeared the Eisenhower project and the United States tried to link the Arab region with a number of military and economic agreements on the pretext of resisting any communist aggression. The Greater Middle East project was discussed.and his objectives and study Greater Middle East project in terms of political, and military, economic and cultural.