Syria has not experienced any problems of a serious religious nature, followed by the period coincided with the entry of the armed terrorist groups, which adopted several mechanisms supported by the media and with regional and international coverage. Their mechanisms terrorizing the of innocent people, raising the slogan of sectarianism and forming of armed groups and armed brigades. The establishment of media platforms and satellite channels, and the establishment of militias but were based on the principle of sectarianism, which has become the source of identity and belonging and the adoption of policies of displacement and killing, all at the expense of the element of national and Islamic identity.

As the intellectual confrontation of these groups is no less important than the security and military confrontation,  based on our belief that thought is the main bearer of nations, through which nations build and aspire to their future, intellectual institutions have to work to promote enlightenment awareness among peoples in the face of the danger posed by this extremist ideology and the groups that adopt it. And the repercussions of the spread of this destructive ideology On State entities and the coexistence, unity and harmony of communities on State entities and the coexistence, unity and harmony of communities.