Since the early ninetieth   of the twenty Century , the ethnic movements have risen  to assert their  Independent  identity and  the recognition of the state by these identity that includes reintegration and assimilation  these groups in the policies of political, economic, social and cultural development. The  rise of national claims is  a  result of many considerations  concerning the increase of groups power versus the retreat of the state capacity in supprssing these groups and  movements , and  the change of  international  community response  in dealing with minorities demands.by the emergence of national claims anew, an interesting  theoretical debate has raised  at academic and political level about disintegration of nations-states issue and its structual shift ,  political legitimacy  and the recognition of ethnocultural differences , the possibility  to re- distribution of power state and local independence, the reorganisation of political space along ethnonational lines.                                          


Key words : national revival, ethnonationalism, minorities , national secessionist movements, dissolution of nation-state