The importance of this paper is to try to determine the role of the World Trade Organization in attracting and encouraging investment in the developing country by analyzing some aspects related to this role. The paper dealt with the definition of the World Trade Organization and then addressed the developing countries under the WTO.The paper revealed that within the framework of this organization and the negotiations that preceded it, international trade relations have expanded. The global economic system has been intertwined as a result of the removal of customs and geographical barriers to the movement of goods and services between countries, increasing the flow of capital and adopting the majority of developing countries, Reliance on market forces, and a decline in the role of the state in economic activity, which led to the global economy towards globalization and integration.Which led to deep and radical changes under the influence of these systems in the structures of the economies of States, where the role of the state is reduced by the emergence of new mechanisms, independent functions that were once limited to States, and now by virtue of modern economic trends of: globalization, the World Trade Organization, Poses new challenges. These economic trends have imposed more responsibilities on countries and more burdens to change strategies and reshape trends.