The Arab region has witnessed a dangerous political turning point that is known as the Arab Spring and the concept of political change characterized by a kind of inclusiveness and breadth, and the term political change is a language that refers to the shift, or transfer from one place to another and from one situation to another, and also means the totality of the transformations that the political structures in a society face This is so that power and influence are redistributed within the state itself or several countries. It also means the transition from an authoritarian to a democratic situation. A language change in the intermediate lexicon is "making something different from what it was", and a term defined in the social sciences as "a noticeable shift - in appearance or content - to the best," as defined in the administrative framework as being "a process of analyzing the past to derive current behaviors." Required for the future, ”and being“ shifted from the current equilibrium point to the target equilibrium point. ”

Key words: political turn, transformation, tyranny, administration, balance