The constitutional phenomenon reflects the extent of the succession of human civilizations to this day, the struggle of humanity and the urgent desire by peoples for their freedom and the exercise of their sovereignty and authority in full will and authority because the constitution is the supreme mechanism that enables people to demonstrate their capabilities, aspirations and desires to live in the values ​​of freedom, prosperity, sophistication and expression On his political, social, economic and cultural status and its development through the constitutional mechanism that enables him to translate and maintain every development in the previous areas with constitutional texts in order to safeguard the gains from the authorities ’excessive infringement of acquired rights and in order to settle You have the constitutional foundations as a basis for work, treatment, power and governance for a better future. With the difference in cultures and relativism achieved by the struggle of each people and the capabilities available to each people, the constitutional phenomenon, in turn, defined great differences between countries in terms of form and content and in terms of the degree of oversight and the foundations for this phenomenon and the verses adopted to address developments within each society.

Key words: The constitution, the ruling regimes, the Algerian constitution