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Indroduction :

In our days there is a strong compititon between inventions discoveries due to technology then the computer appereared for personal use with internet.  At that time , there what’s called ‘use limits’ of the net in other words, i twas for a particular cabgogy.

Hawerver, the developement of the internet lead’s to increasing the users number with all society categories to explore beond the limits ther fore, this innovation lead’s to the electronic crimes to all types of media’s help’s society to stop tis crime, this why’s  we,shed hight on the signification role of media to respect the Algerain society from stert of crime.

The problimatic :

Medai has been necessary element our tile it has been association with the media revolution wich has a creat influnece on soceity.

There fore, peole institution has different with other, but this requise a secures media must keep peace with our time.

Medai in General an sequared medai in particular must contibute in protecting the society especially crime, Now we can ask the question as following :

What’s the media's role to protect the Algerain society from cerime, and Haw to face such proplem §

And there are sub-question :

1-what’s the electronic crime ,what’s its ail§

2-what are its from§

3-In what way it’s relate to the computer§

4-what are society categoried , and who are influnce most§

-the electronic crime  or called cyber crime is defined as an intended act involoving the used of computer or other technologies and criminal, and the criminal activity must  take place in  a virtul setting, such as the internet(Tommie singleton,2003,p5)

-Is a term for any illegel activity that uses a computet as its pimary means of commission.(Margart Rose ,(n.d), from : seurity

And another diffinotion e-crime its any criminal offence committed organenst or with help of a copmuter net work.(concil of Erope)(stevan Finiski,(n.d),p p5-7 )

but cyborcrime shared three element ( Tommie singleton ,2003 ,p8)

1-Tool and techniques to perpetrate a crime.

2-Approach or methodology for exeatting the criminal plan-known as a vector

3-Crime its left that is the end result of those plans and activities(a cybercrime is the ultimate objet ective of the criminal’s activities).

Hawever, its report will focuson on the folowing categpries of cybercrime , with predominantly effect individul :(steven Fafiniski,(n.d),p3)

-identity left and identity fraud.

-financial againt fraud.

-offences against the person.

-computer misuse

-secuale of fences.

The folowaing sections of the report define and explore of these categoreise of cyberceime in mor detail.

And there is alot of the characteistic of the cybercrime :(from :                                        

*this types of crimes is based on thought and violence

*Do not left this crime any external impact visully.

*this crimes no violence ; and no the slag, no blood or the stroming of any kind.

*Mostly  revealed  that not all purety coionidence.

*this crimes may be in secret and often doesn’t have a written trace.

*the possibility of the offender to damage (destroyed or damoge) ) evry think in computer.

*the possibility of comminiting these crimes after all

 on the hand concil of europe’s convention  on cyber-crime  sotpulates the cybercrimes in four categories according to its mature:( Vladimir Golubev,n.d, from : )             

A-offence against the confidentiality , integrity and  a viability of computer data and systems.

B-computer relate offences which includes communication related for gery and fraud articles.

C-content related offences, this contains certains provision offences related to child pronography.

4-offences related  to infrigenents of copyright’s and related right.

Another division was made understund  the cyber-crime more easily; wich explains in fourms : (from :                          

*cyber treaspass-crossing boundaries into people’s property and orcausing damage.e.g hacking defecement; viruses.

*cyber-deceptions and theft-stealing(money) e.g Credit card fraud, intellectual,proprety violations

*cyber-pronography-breaching laws  on obsciting  and decency.

*cyber-violence-doiing psuchological  harms  to, or inciting  phisical  physical harm against others, there by breaching laws ralating to the protections of the person.e.g hat speech, stalkig.

 -The roles of media’s :

A-.The role of the media in the socialization of normality:(Adbrehmen Toufik,(n.d),p106)

give many interested and specialists in the fields of education and possible negative effects of the information centers, in particular, radio and television and its impact on children and young people in particular, but it cannot be overlooked Positive Aspects achieved by the media, through programs that are committed in all fields and guidance entertainment and knowledge, regardless of what is said to be emerging on the attention of the media at the expense of educational attainment, however, the overall result of a culture of the child in the age of television, may exceed the quality and size of the before.

It is well known that the media addresses the minds of the public, therefore, is an essential means of dissemination of culture and development of thought, as well as the information on the delivery of news and information to the public in order to increase knowledge and promote learning and acquisition of knowledge, skills and access to information and experience will help to promote a culture of the individual and society, it can be said that the task of cultural information is invaluable in the dissemination of ideas and information developed modern scientific and technological progress, as well as to education and literacy and transfer of cultural heritage across generations and instilling values noble social and national.

B-The role of the media in the dissemination of security awareness:(Asabah ,1987,p83)

know security awareness that " a group integrated operations carried out by the media and specialized in order to achieve greater social balance in order to maintain the security and safety of the individual and of the community and society      therefore, the role of the security information is determined by the extent of the participation in maintaining the security and stability of the society. The security awareness " Kassem said by raising awareness of the need for security and the fight against crime and prevention of delinquency and publicity efforts of different security services and construction of the benefit of the community and public order.

Security awareness in fact begin instil in the family and school and then security services and information, and plays security services play a significant role in the elaboration of this and provide information to the media and media men to be able to carry out their role, if it did not have sufficient information, it would not be meaningful contribution to the dissemination of security awareness, because security awareness can be achieved only through community knowledge of the nature of the crime and circumstances as they arise and actors and their deployment and factors mutation to take all measures and procedures to prevent or limit the spread and here comes the role of the media in the dissemination of this information when the security services and delivery to the community deeming its dangers. When this is done, we have to solve an essential part of the problem so as to become a normal citizen, whatever its role or its location to a policeman.

We note in the Charter Arab Radio, which was ratified by the General Assembly of the Union of Arab Radio 1980 in Amman call to the consolidation of security and dissemination, whether this comprehensive security in its broadest sense, or was warranted in its broadest sense, it is most important that the text of the Charter:

the crime programs, it is illegal and unacceptable in the community, and does not allow at all with sexual crimes, and broadcast media in a way that could lead to simulated crime does not reveal the persons of the perpetrators of crimes, but if it helps the implementation of the law or in the public interest.

The Arab ministers of the Interior of the Second Arab security strategy need to intensify the use of audio-visual and print media in creating public awareness against other intellectual trends, and conviction to the need to adhere to spiritual, moral and educational values best. The strategy called for imposing strict control on radio and television in order to prevent the use of such means to deploy without prejudice to the ethics and values social Arab states.

C- The role of Radio and Television in the address of a culture of crime: there is no doubt that the e-crime :(Biboda Mohamed,2012,from :

world television broadcast today has become a reality and was able to make the world a small village, but the development of direct television broadcast to every place in the world and became in every house, and its impact on the members of the community in general, and young people, or arising from, in particular, until it became known as the father of the Child third, however, it is regrettable that more influential public powers dominating the world is strong European American media and information, which are often transmitted to us a culture of crime deviant behavior and, hence, every State wants to keep her personality cultural and social environment, fawrba initiated the holding of several conferences examined the effects of Satellite Television on generations, and Japan has been studying the dimensions of this invasion on Their culture and values and thinking their sons thus Must Do Arab and Islamic states, especially the impact for us will be in one direction, where we can receive ethnicity affects without that we have no alternative, or double influence, the gap between us and them, great and deep, different values and in many cases, different wtrbytna, hence the danger of television broadcasting next, which did not yet know ways to address it, and here it is clear the importance of the media in addressing the cultural invasion and a culture of crime through the provision of appropriate alternative procedure and encourage the media to reach the level of the position of the External Media imposed on us.

The mass media, especially radio and television, which is embodied in one of the most important means by which affect the personality and values and ideas and practices of youth, and can these means through thoughtful programs aimed at the full of leisure-time and arming young people culturally and evaluate their behavior and their personalities based strong protection from the dangers of cultural invasion and a culture of crime, however, that these media in most Arab countries suffer from some problems and difficulties that make their programs without the required level and thus become unable to face the campaigns of cultural invasion and respond to challenge the culture of crime, one of the most important problems of the Arab media find.

lack of understanding and awareness of many of the Arab media of the nature of the seriousness of counter-media to Arab countries.

The adoption of the Arab media to foreign news agencies and media saturated with ideas, values and practices contrary to aspirations and objectives of Arab nation by up to 70% of its programs.

Low productivity of the Arab media in reply to tendentious propaganda programs broadcast by the Western media against the values and principles of ethics Arab youth

At last we offer a set of recommendations to protect young people from electronic crimes :

. 1. The management and coordination of the Department of Control and Prevention .

3. In addition to the role of the media in promoting security inside security. Electronic crime showing the risks.

4- must be addressed to the media to face competition in the community, which transmits criminal practices

Référence :

1-Antoni ghandiz, Asabah ,(1987), Sociology, Studies Center of Arab unity, Edition4,2005.

2-Toufik Ben ouda,(n.d), Lessons in criminology, DAR ES SALAAM, Wael to spread and distribution,oman

3-Margert Rouse, cybercrime from :search security

4-Mohamed Ben ouda , (2012), The role of the media in the prevention of crime and delinquency, University Centerkhmis Miliana.  

5-Stevan Fafinimiski,(n.d), UK cybercrime report,gelick powerful stuff.

6-Tommie Sigleton,(2003), the top5 cyber crimes,from : .

7- Vladimir Golubev,n.d, from : )             


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