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Welcome to IJIER

International Journal for Innovation Education and Research

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Dear Author's

We are cordially invited you to submit your papers to the upcoming Edition of IJIER. Volume 5, Issue 3 – March - 2017.

Submission open for IJIER: March – 2017 Edition

Last Date of Paper Submission: March 20, 2017

Last Date of Publication: March 31, 2017

The journal is published both in Print and Online versions.

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DATE: SEPTEMBER 11 –18 2015



The Latin American Council of Social Sciences (CLACSO), the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA) and the International Development Economic Associates (IDEAS), are pleased to announce, within the framework of the third three-year phase of the Africa/Asia/Latin America Scholarly Collaborative Program, the call for applications for participation in the Eighth South-South Institute on “Inequality and Social Justice: Perspectives from the Global South”. The Institute will be held in Durban, South Africa, from September 11 to 18, 2015, on the back of the third World Social Science Forum (WSSF III, jointly hosted by CODESRIA, the Human Sciences Research Council of South Africa and the ISSC). The Theme of the WSSF III is: Transforming Global Relations for a Just World. For more information about the WSSF III, visit the forum website:


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The question of women and Islam has attracted a lot of interest in academics. Concerns like how one understands the situation of women in a more patriarchal religion like Islam have taken centre in many debates. But sadly the experience of Muslim women is often seen as same with Muslim men or other women. Either gender over determines or community over determines the Muslim women’s question. Whatever work is done on Muslim women, religion is seen as dominating every aspect. While studying Muslim women, undue emphasis is given to Muslim personal law. There is also a tendency to homogenise the category of Muslim women.

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                International organised crime  and Mafia: new  threats on human   security?
       The use of the Atomic bomb against Japan in 1945, and the proliferation of this awesome weapon made the idea of war obsolescence or an anachronism.
     The unprecedented wave of communication known as Globalisation had made states porous and permeable. They are clearing the way for new actors in international security. These two events had a strong influence on International Relations thought. In other words, “the world events act to stimulate theoretical debate, and these events if they are sufficiently dramatic, can move the centre of gravity of the field” ( Doyle, Ikenberry,  p 278).

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Terrorism is one of the serious global crimes which targeted the Algerian population and his country at the beginning of the last decade of the last century, leading to draw a criminal policy that brought together the rules of criminal law and the principles of peace reconciliation and the embodiment of bilateral, regional and international conventions; all interact with the on-the-field control to the remnants of terrorism, which generate an efficacy of Algerian politics in this area that has become the focus of all countries and authorities.

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